Marilyn Gross
3 Thomson Street
Brighton, Vic 3186
Ph: 04 1340 3717

Else Gingold
91 Grange Road
Glen Huntly, Vic 3163
Ph: 03 957 68620


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Group psychotherapy is particularly useful for people who are motivated to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their difficulties in relation to others. It offers the opportunity for members to think about their patterns of relating as they occur in the group. These will reflect the patterns in the outside world.

Recognising these patterns gives the members a chance to practice new and more rewarding ways of being. Groups provide support and feedback as members practice these new ways of relating. A group also helps break feelings of isolation, of being the only person in the world to have such difficulties. 

People who might benefit from groups include those

    *who struggle with self confidence but are motivated to change

    *who feel isolated and want to find new ways to join others

    *who want to understand themselves in relation to others - their similarities and differences and how to celebrate both

    * who work with groups, either therapeutically or as members of work teams and would like to enhance their performances

    *who have had/are having individual therapy and would like to enhance their self development

 Groups are small (6-8 people plus therapists.),to allow people time to get to know each other and to allow each member to work in depth. For this reason, also, a prospective member must be willing to make a commitment of at least 6 months.

Currently there are two groups - Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings.

Groups are held in Brighton

As there is some movement among group members vacancies occasionally arise.  Plans are also afoot for a twice-weekly group - expressions of interest are welcome.

It is important to understand these are therapy groups, not social ones and that members must agree to meet only in the group room.  This is to ensure complete confidentiality and the utmost safety for members to be able to freely use the group.

To arrange an appointment to discuss whether our groups may be of benefit to you please call Else or Marilyn. An appointment will be made for you to see both of us together so we can think about your needs.  There might need to be more than one meeting. A fee will be charged for the appointments.