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Introduction to Group Therapy

An 8 week course for professionals in a small group setting where group dynamics are explored theoretically and experientially

Thinkingwell is pleased to announce a new training course in group theory for professionals who are working in and with groups or who are thinking of doing so.

What is involved?

The course is comprised of two components: an hour long seminar on group theory followed by a 75 minute group whose purpose is to examine the group experience.

In the seminar participants will be introduced to a range of ideas relating to groups that should be of use to their work.  Reading material will be distributed and discussed.  Topics will include:

*planning and assessing for groups      *how to interpret in groups

*how to manage distress                        *how to encourage members to participate

Participants will be encouraged to discuss groups they are currently involved with.

After a tea break we move to the group session. The aim of this is for people to have the experience of being in a group.  It will allow for:

*learning from within about group process 

*self-examination of how one is within a group

*seeing how people affect and are affected by others

Expressions of interest: Else Gingold 95768620