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                       YOU AND YOUR WORK- AN EXPLORATION


  Are you

*not feeling validated?

*finding it hard to be fresh and creative?

*finding it hard to think?

*constantly feeling tired at work?

*finding your holiday feeling ends before the holiday does?

*taking work problems home with you?

*feeling reactive rather than reflective?

*over-identifying with clients?

*finding it hard to be empathetic with your clients?

*dreading some clients?

*worrying that your own story gets in the way of your listening?

 Are you suffering anxiety, burnout, compassion fatigue?


  This course will offer:


            *a sense of agency

            *an understanding of issues

            *assistance with taking on your own authority

            *an ability to think about what is happening inside and outside, and how each affects the other

            *development of knowledge about what goes on between client and worker, worker and agency


  A weekly meeting of 75 minutes for 17 weeks (2 terms) consisting of

            *some set readings for discussion

            *a self/work exploration group

            *an opportunity to present issues of concern for group thought

  Why This Format?

  Weekly meetings offer

            *time for group trust and openness to develop

            *opportunities to follow through on issues

            *time to see how changes take place and are integrated

            *integration of insight and understanding

Expressions of interest are welcome.